Liz Adkins and Angela Duffell founded Toots in 1990, with the continuous help and support from Julie Cave and all of the Toots team, together they obtain a wealth of knowledge from many years of working in childcare settings and having numerous children of their own. Meaning not only do they understand the importance of a happy nursery environment for the children but the needs of working parents as well.

Toots offers both full and part time places for upto 44 children from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old. Toots is built with 3 distinct and spacious self contained areas, to allow your children to grow and progress throughout their early years of development. With two large outdoor areas for children to express themselves and enjoy interacting with others, as well as a baby garden so the little ones aren’t left out! Toots offer a combination of safety surfacing, a paved playground and a lawn and gardening area, providing your children with unique and empowering down time, to enjoy in a secure and secluded environment away from busy city life.