The terms and conditions stated below form the contract between Toots Day Nursery and yourself. Please make certain that you have read and understood them before signing and returning the application form. You are also agreeing to abide by all our policies.

1. Opening Hours

We are open between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, 51 weeks per year. We close on Bank holidays and for one week over the Christmas period commencing from 2pm on 24th December, re-opening the first working day after 1st January. Please note that parents/carers are required to sign their children in and out of the nursery with each attendance.

2. Meal Times

8.00- 8.30am Breakfast 10-10.15am Snack 11.30am Lunch 3.30pm Tea Drinks are available all day. Please note we only provide specific foods for medical conditions and vegetarian options are always available.

3. Personal Items

Please dress your child in everyday clothes that will be comfortable to play in and provide a spare set. You will need to provide nappies if used and nappy cream. Some children benefit from their own sleep bag and comforters will be welcomed.

4. Lost Property

We ask parents to clearly label all their children’s clothing including coats, hats and shoes. Items do go missing on occasion however names help us to return your clothes. Buggies may be left in the shed at your own risk. Toots Nursery does not accept responsibility for the damage to or loss of property in the nursery or during outings.

5. Sickness and medical conditions

Please ensure that you have informed staff of any existing medical condition your child may have before starting at Toots, or as soon as a diagnosis is made. This includes eczema, asthma and allergies. Written information may be requested. If there are any medical or dietary changes we need to be notified. Children should not attend nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea or an infectious illness including skin rashes, ear and eye infections. They will need to be seen by a GP and if antibiotics are prescribed they must be administered for 48 hours before the child may return. We will only give prescribed medicines, although 1 dose of Calpol may be given to children who are teething or in cases of extremely high temperatures, for which a verbal consent will be sufficient. A medicine form needs to be completed for all medication. Medicines will be administered in line with our medicine policy. 2 If a child becomes ill while at nursery, staff will telephone a parent to tell them of their child’s illness and to arrange for the child to be collected. We will not attempt to diagnose the illness. If the parents are unavailable other authorised contacts will be called. If a child is severely ill he/she will be taken to casualty, accompanied by a senior member of staff, who will act ‘in loco parentis’ until a legal guardian arrives.

6. Partnership with Parents

Toots Day Nursery is registered with Ofsted and is obligated to adhere to many legal requirements and operational guidelines. All of our policies and procedures are available to parents along with the latest Ofsted report. Parents need to be aware of nursery polices and procedures, particularly the following: Safe guarding children, health and safety and equal opportunities. We also encourage you to share your ideas and assist with your child’s development in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

7. Registration / Nursery Fees

To apply to Toots you will need to complete a registration form and return it with the current fee. Places are offered on set days and any changes need to be agreed with management following prior notice. These will only be given if a place is available. Permanent changes to attendance require a month’s notice. All additional hours must be paid for when booked. If a place is offered and declined you may leave your child on the waiting list for a later date at no extra cost however this will not guarantee a place. Toots nursery fees are currently increased in September. The fees take all closures into account and are worked out on a monthly basis. Fees must be paid irrespective of any form of absence IE: holidays, sickness, emergency closure. Please note that we do not offer time in-lieu of absence. Please note that we offer a 10% discount for second and subsequent siblings attending Toots at the same time. Once a place has been accepted and the deposit paid, the deposit will be retained if the child fails to attend Toots Day Nursery.

The following structure applies:
1) Initial payment of £20 registration fee per child must be received.
2) A £200 deposit is payable within 5 working days when you accept the offer of a place. This will be refunded when your child leaves.
3) The first month is charged separately to account for the settling-in period, and likewise the last month.
4) All subsequent fees are paid on 1st of each month by standing order. Any shortfalls or overpayments will be discussed and action agreed with management.
5) Toots accepts many different childcare voucher schemes and occasionally different forms of funding.
6) Toots receives the Nursery Education Grant for children who are 3 by 31st August, December or March subsequent to the term in question. This is deducted from your fees, the amount changing in line with term length. Each termly amount will be divided by 4 and applied over 4 months.
7) Once a child turns 2 their fee will reduce. This comes into effect the same month as their birthday. 3
8) The nursery closes at 6pm and late collections will incur fines as it contravenes our insurance and registration conditions. This also applies to any morning children who are collected after 1pm as this may cause us to be over-full temporarily.

8. Notice of Termination

Toots requires a minimum of one calendar month’s written notice when you wish to terminate your child’s place. If the required period of notice is not given, the deposit will be retained. Toots Nursery also reserves the right to terminate a place due to breach of payment, policies or procedures. All reasonable steps will be taken to prevent this occurrence.

9. Employing Staff from Toots

Babysitting- See separate policy. Occasionally parents ask Toot’s staff or students to babysit. Please note that babysitting is a private arrangement between both parties and in no way related to the nursery. Nursery policies, procedures and insurance only apply to staff during their working hours Therefore Toots cannot be held liable should any incident occur. Please note that the staff’s contracts include a confidentiality clause and they are not at liberty to discuss any nursery matters whatsoever or hearsay relating to children, parents and other staff. Employment Staff may only be employed by parents on a full or part-time basis following discussion with management. Should this occur a recruitment fee will be charged.