Our experience with Toots has been fantastic. Both my daughters started after lockdown and having had several months away from childcare for one and starting for the first time for the other, I was so pleased with how quickly they settled. This is due to the kind, caring staff who are attentive and thoughtful. The range of activities including outdoor play is great and attention to development milestones is obvious. Overall, I feel my daughters have thrived in their time at Toots.
Ellie D

We’re very happy with the nursery – the staff there is caring and pay attention. The place looks so good after all the changes done over quarantine this year. Our boy is always really happy when we pick him up – that’s what matters.
Florencia A

We have sent all 3 of our children to Toots Day Nursery and have been with them for 8 years. All our children have had a wonderful time and continue to do so in their care. It is a wonderful community based nurturing environment with long-standing caring and dedicated staff. They really do feel like part of the family for us.
Katy M

My twins were unable to secure baby spaces at Toots Day Nursery when I returned back to work after maternity leave, so as a result have experienced 2 different nurseries within the local area. I was very happy to secure spaces post lockdown in the toddler’s room (Busy Bees) at Toots Day Nursery. My children settled in very quickly and are positively thriving – in their learning, development and confidence. This is wholly down to the very caring, dedicated staff who focus their time on their happiness as well as their development. The nursery is set in the heart of the community and has a diverse mix of children and staff which is an important factor for my children’s experience. The management team have also been very supportive and engaged with questions from me as their parent. The location and cost-effectiveness of the nursery also add to the benefits compared with other nurseries in the area. It’s an absolute delight to be this nursery and highly recommend to other parents.
Dipannita B

Toots is a wonderful little nursery, I could not recommend it more highly! The staff are all absolutely lovely and it is extremely well managed. I have always felt very comfortable and confident leaving my children there, the atmosphere is very loving and the children always seem very happy.

The nursery has recently been fully refurbished and there is excellent outside space for the children to enjoy. If you are thinking about sending your child to Toots don’t hesitate, in my opinion, it is by far the best value for money in Tooting!

Rowena O